All gifts to our London Escorts ladies should be given at the introduction and gratuities are never pursued yet are gratefully accepted.
As the majority of our models will not be found represented by other agencies due to the strict selection process they must undergo, we have set our rates with the ladies in mind.

If you are overwhelmed by the scale of our rates please consider that in this world you get what you pay for and quality is not cheap and neither are the women you will meet through us.

If you are truly delighted by beauty, intelligence, charm and a stylish sense of class then we are the agency for you.
If you are more of a bargain hunter then the chances are we can recommend you to a bargain agency although we cannot vouch for their quality.

The lady’s fees are payable by cash and credit card (add 20% service charge for credit cards)
Please note: It is essential that you carry two items of identification if you intend to pay by credit card , driving licence, passport etc.

Our basic rates begin at:

£150.00 (one hour private time)
£250.00 (two hours private time)

£500.00 (A Dinner date allows for 4 hours to include 1.5 hours of private time with the model)
For an Evening out overnight, please contact Vera.


Our basic rates begin at:

£1500.00 (10-12 hours)
£2000.00 (24h)

Prepaid ticket: for European flights + 50% deposit in advance


Our basic rate:

£2500.00 (24 hours)
Prepaid ticket: First class + 50% deposit in advance

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